Sell my Diamond – How Can I Do It?



Just imagine that you are the person in the following scenario.

I am behind on my mortgage payments. My hours at work have been cut in half. The money is just not coming in and the bills are piling up. Banks don’t want to give me loans. Wow. I really need to sell my diamond and use the cash to free up my finances.

There are so many unanswered questions though. “Where do I sell my diamond ring?” “How do I sell my diamond ring?”, “How do I even start?”

Well, we thankfully have the answers to your questions. Just use the advice mentioned below, to make a quick sale of your diamond, while also fetching a very lucrative price for it.

What you shouldn’t do when you want to sell your diamond?

Most people who want to sell their diamond head over to the local pawn shop. Pawn shops are establishments that thrive on people’s misfortunes. They know that you are down on your luck and that you will take a bargain price for your diamond, jewelry or electronics or whatever valuable item you have, because they know you need the cash and need it quick.

Never sell your diamond stone to a pawnbroker, unless you want to get just 30%-40% of the fair market price. A diamond is one of the rarest items in the world and it usually also has a lot of sentimental value attached to it. It would be a total shame if one can’t get a fair price for it.

What you should do when you want to sell your diamond?

The smart, intelligent way to sell your diamond in the current environment is to sell it online. Though the concept of selling a diamond online can sound bizarre to some, the fact of the matter is that several sellers are able to quickly sell their diamond jewelry online, at very attractive prices.

Sites that buy diamonds online are well connected in the diamond industry. They have buyers who have already lined up to buy diamonds. When you put up your diamond for sale at such a site, a gemologist and a certified appraiser at the site will examine your diamond and then give it a price. They will then immediately make an offer for your diamond. The average price they offer will generally be at least 50% more than the prices offered by pawnshop brokers or local jewelry stores that offer to buy diamonds.

If you like the price that the online diamond buyers offers you, all you have to is give your consent to sell the diamond. The transaction will take place online and the site will then compensate you for your diamond. They can even conveniently transfer the money straight into your bank account, electronically.

Such online sites obviously take commissions, although the net price you receive for your diamonds, after deduction of commission, is still leaps and bounds over the price you will receive for it when you approach a pawnbroker or a local jewelry shop in your town. is one such site that facilitates the sale of a diamond, online. At, they have an extensive network with buyers and sellers operating in the New York Diamond District. Often times, one can expect same day calls, with attractive offers on their diamonds that they would have put up for sale.

Many people are often worried about shipping out their diamond to an online buyer, obviously being a little skeptical about the diamond being lost in the mail. Sites like however work around this problem by sending out an insured box in which interested parties can send in their diamond, allowing them to send out their diamonds with peace of mind and assurance.

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