If you have decided it’s time to sell your Tiffany jewelry, you may wonder how to get started. After all, this can be a difficult process, even when the jewelry is not branded. The first step in this process is to do your market research. Be sure to search for the precise item that you plan on selling. What are other people selling the item for? It is a good idea to see what type of price other people put on the item prior to selling yours.


Acquire an Appraisal

When you are ready to sell your Tiffany jewelry, it is a good idea to invest in an engagement ring appraisal. This will let you know what the item is worth. It is important to keep in mind, this is not the price you will be able to sell the jewelry for. No one is going to purchase a piece of used jewelry for the full resale value. However, this does help you in setting a fair price for the item.


Determine How You will Sell the Jewelry

Do you know how to sell an engagement ring? If you have never done it before, it may be more difficult than you imagine. There are several options to consider, which include:


  • Selling the jewelry online.
  • Selling the jewelry to a local jeweler.
  • Selling the jewelry privately.
  • Selling the jewelry at a pawn shop or another similar store.


Take some time to think about what the best option is. If you decide to sell it online, you will have two options. One is to sell it on a site such as eBay or Craigslist or to hire a private company to sell the ring for you. The latter option will be the one that requires the least amount of effort from you.


Your Tiffany jewelry, regardless of how old it may be, has value. Determining the diamond resale value ahead of time will help ensure you get a fair price for the item.


Don’t rush into selling the item. If someone offers you less than what you want for the item, be sure that it is a fair price. If you are simply eager to get rid of the item, this may be okay; however, if you don’t desperately need the money, then holding out for a better offer may be worthwhile. After all, Tiffany is one of the most well-known names in the industry and taking the time to see what your jewelry is worth will pay off in the long run.